PSS graduates typically earn bachelor degrees in teaching, hospitality management, nursing, and other health related fields. Entry level wages in Orange County for a graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in teaching, hospitality or nursing are $52k-$84k per year.

= Success

SuccessSince 20092015-16
Bachelor's Degrees422
AA Degrees or Vocational319
Permanently Housed329
Rental Assistance3710
Scholarships from PSS14632

The PSS program model is designed to keep clients in school and on track to becoming economically self-sufficient. The PSS Program Coordinator maintains close communication with all clients to strategize and solve barriers to their success. Participants in PSS are required to meet with the Program Coordinator at least twice per year. The Program Coordinator conducts approximately 150 consultations each year with PSS clients to update records, assess family needs, review grades, and oversee academic plans.


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Career Success

Housing Success

PSS has served over 700 families since its beginning. In the last six-and-a-half years, 300+ clients have experienced college attendance, stable housing and food stability. That’s an impressive 720 adults and children!

Success Stories

Safe, dependable housing is a significant factor in the success of PSS client educations. Project Self Sufficiency assists families in moving from homelessness to permanent housing by finding low-income accommodations and/or paying deposits. For the fiscal year 2015-2016, PSS assisted 9 families (25 people) in securing suitable, safe affordable housing. Currently, 18 families are enjoying low-income or permanent housing negotiated or paid for by PSS. Move-in costs range from $1,500-$3,500. All PSS clients assisted with housing funds this year have maintained their housing and continue to pursue their education.