Who We Serve

Admission Policy

Clients receive intensive case management and direct services. Assistance to clients is offered in a wide range of services:

  • Counseling
  • Childcare Assistance
  • Healthcare Assistance
  • Book Reimbursements
  • Educational Scholarships
  • Supply Pantry
  • Housing Support
  • Financial Support
  • Emergency Support
  • Transportation Assistance 
  • 98% Single mothers
  •  2% Single fathers
  • 100% Low Income
  • 100% Enrolled in college
  •  56% Fulltime college students
  •  50.3% Inadequate housing

Project Self Sufficiency is a community-based program located in Huntington Beach, California, assisting low income, single parents to achieve economic independence through education, training, and social services. 


Graduates from PSS leave with a new sense of self that reaches far beyond the program. These parents become leaders and contributors in the community; they feel pride in their accomplishments that is reflected in the eyes of their children. Project Self Sufficiency clients are confident in their role as parents and providers

About the Program

‚ÄčIn order to qualify for the program, clients must meet specific requirements. The applicant must:

  1. be a single parent and legal head of household
  2. have legal and physical custody of at least one minor child
  3. qualify as Low Income
  4. have a source of income (not necessarily employment)
  5. live, work, or attend school in Huntington Beach or within the Coast Community College District, or be referred from an Orange County Shelter
  6. have completed at least one semester of school immediately prior to applying.