Make a difference for a deserving family this Thanksgiving. Create a basket of nonperishable food items and include a gift card for perishable items. 


November 28! For more information, visit To donate to Project Self-Sufficiency, click button:

Christmas Giving

You can be a PSS family's Santa this year. Choose one or all:

  • Adopt-a-Family
  • Toy Drive
  • Teen Gift Card Drive
  • Bicycle Drive

Thanksgiving Giving

Project Self-Sufficiency is a community-based program in Huntington Beach, assisting low income, single parents to achieve economic independence through education, training, and social services. 

To support and assist highly motivated, low income, single parents with minor children to achieve economic independence through education and personal development.

Our Program

​In order to qualify for the program, applicants must meet the following specific requirements. 

  1. Low income
  2. Single parent of a minor child (not living with a partner/significant other)
  3. Have physical/legal custody of at least one minor child
  4. Enrolled in community college or university working toward your Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree and have completed at least 1 semester
  5. Have 3.0 GPA (or close)
  6. Have a source of income (not necessarily employment)
  7. Live, work, or attend college in Orange County, CA

Admission Policy

Holiday Giving

Our Mission